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Many riders worry about going out in summer. The sun is so hot that not only people can't stand it, but also car lovers can't stand it. Many car accidents in summer are caused by heat and sunlight. How can Jinan sun mask protect your car effectively? In fact, the answer is very simple, a car film can do it! The film here is not a simple car film, it is your car's special sun mask - Jinan car film. Automobile film is not a simple film, it is not only heat insulation and environmental protection, but also radiation protection. The reason for its heat insulation is that the current car films are all made of high-tech metal films, which can effectively block the heat; it's unnecessary to use the air conditioner in the car, at the same time, your fuel consumption will be greatly reduced, so it's natural to protect the environment.


Automobile film is a high-tech product, most consumers are difficult to choose automobile film from a professional point of view. Ruihe automobile decoration Co., Ltd. will introduce you the most simple and easy three-step film selection technique, which can effectively avoid the merchants from passing the inferior as the best and fooling the consumers.


1: Examining Perspective


No matter what kind of solar film, if it will affect the clarity of vision in the car after being pasted on, then the best heat insulation performance is also floating clouds. One of the most important performance of automobile solar film is clarity. No matter how deep the color is, a qualified solar film should have a considerable field of vision clarity, which is closely related to driving safety. Generally speaking, the high-quality solar film can make people in the car have a clear perspective even when driving in rainy days and at night, while the poor perspective of the film makes people feel hazy from inside to outside. ——"Jinan auto film"


2: Study color


At present, most of the inferior films on the market are directly painted with the viscose added with pigments. The sun film made by this way of viscose coloring often fades after exposure to the sun. If the fading is serious, the original color film can even be changed back to the transparent film. While the high-quality solar film adopts the metal sputtering process, coating nickel, silver, titanium and other metals on the high tension natural rubber film for coloring, which will not fade or fade in daily use. When purchasing, the car owner can spray a little carburetor cleaner on the film to be tested, or pour a little gasoline on it, and make a stroke on the film. At this time, the color of the high-quality film will not be crossed out, while the color loss of the low-quality film is quite serious.


3: Inspection of thermal insulation


We are going to test the insulation and protection of the solar film. The heat insulation rate of high-quality solar film should be more than 80%, which is 3 to 4 times higher than that of common dye film. However, the high-quality solar film has more than 95% or even 99% UV blocking effect, which can play an effective role in protection; on the contrary, the common dye film is mostly made of transparent film dyed by viscose, which has poor UV blocking ability. Under the sun exposure, it is easy to cause the aging and fading of items in the car, and it will also cause damage to the skin of people in the car. Generally speaking, most of the regular car assembly shops have equipped the car owners with infrared insulation experience frame. The high-quality solar film can make people clearly feel the temperature difference in the car before and after the film is pasted, while the poor solar film, no matter before or after the film is pasted, makes people in the car feel sultry. In addition, there is a simple way to identify the UV resistance of the solar film: first place a piece of RMB under the film, and then use the UV light of the money detector to test the paper money through the film



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